Top 3 Cloud Video Surveillance Solutions

Selecting a new VMS (video management system) can be a challenge. Especially if you are making the jump to the cloud. Here are our top cloud providers of 2020.

CompanyTrue CloudDatacenterBring Your Own Cameras?Plug and Play Upgrade
Eagle Eye NetworksYes, all video stored in cloudEEN owns their own data centersYes, works with thousands of camerasYes
VerkadaNo – Hybrid, clips stored in cloudAWSNo. Verkada cameras onlyNo
OpenEyeNo – Hybrid, clips stored in cloudAWSYes. Maybe

Why Cloud:

The first obvious questions is why would you want to move to the cloud from an on premises system or a low-tech DVR type recorder.

  • Infinite scalability: with a traditional system you will need to worry about how many hours of video you want to record and how much storage space (hard drive) you need to accomplish that. With a cloud system, you do not need to worry about the health or how many hard drives are hooked up. In the cloud, if you need more storage because your requirements changed, all you need to do is click a button.
  • Security: Traditional VMS/DVR systems require ports to be opened in your firewall. These open ports give hackers a back door into your business. “But I don’t care if hackers see my cameras…” It’s not about your cameras, it’s about using your cameras as a springboard to steal important data like billing data or private customer data.
  • Free Updates: Remember in the old days when your windows PC needed to update Outlook? Everyone knew there was a potential for that to not go well and wipe out all your data. Additionally, updates frequently cost money. Traditional VMS providers are living in the stone age. New cloud providers are like Gmail. When was the last time you had to worry about a Gmail update? Never. Just like Gmail, your Eagle Eye Networks or Verkada VMS will magically bring you new features, without a need to worry about lost data, downtime, or costly new versions.
  • View from anywhere: When you think about the cloud, the biggest advantage is the ability to access it from anywhere. No more need to visit the back office to check some tape. Simply check the footage from your phone. Imagine being a pizza franchise owner and checking to make sure your stores are ready for the big game, without leaving your couch.
  • Total Cost of Ownership / Pay Monthly: Running a business is about cash flow. You want to minimize expenses so you can keep more money. This means an expensive upfront cost is a bad deal. Why pay potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in one chunk when you can pay a small amount every month? Additionally, that really expensive hardware you just bought, it’s aging and at some point, it will break. What then? With most cloud solutions you don’t have that problem. All the storage and heavy lifting is done in the cloud. The big hardware is the Cloud Video Surveillance providers problem, not yours.
  • Your IT team will love you: More and more even very small businesses have IT teams that are responsible for keeping everything running and everything secure. These teams love the remote access and cybersecurity features build into the cloud solutions.

The Breakdown:

Now, let’s break the leaders in cloud video security.

Eagle Eye Networks

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Despite how their website looks, Eagle Eye Networks is the leader in cloud video surveillance. They are lead by an extremely competent team of industry insiders and Silicon Valley success stories. This means they are bringing years of learning to the relatively new venture.

Whats Great About Eagle Eye Networks:

There are three HUGE advantages to Eagle Eye that put them miles ahead of their competition. First, Eagle Eye Networks does not care about what cameras you want to use or already have. They work with just about everything. Second, Eagle Eye Networks is the leader in cyber security. Third, Eagle Eye Networks owns its own data centers.

Cameras are important for two reasons. One, you need the right camera at the right price and two, you need a new system to be compatible with your existing cameras. Eagle Eye goes to great lengths to ensure they can work with just about any camera. If you have analog cameras, they can work with that as well. That means that installing a new surveillance system or replacing an existing surveillance system, you will have the most cost-effective solution with Eagle Eye Networks

An important note about Eagle Eye. While Verkada sells cameras and Open Eye essentially sells cloud enabled DVRs, Eagle Eye Networks primary product is “The Bridge” this is the device that brides your cameras to your networks. Frequently replacing an old DVR with an Eagle Eye system is as simple as unplugging the DVR and plugging in the bridge.

Eagle Eye Networks is also the most cybersecurity conscious of the cloud video surveillance providers. It’s at the core of everything they do. The major example is, their bridges don’t require open ports to communicate. The bridge talks to Eagle Eye’s data centers and only the data centers. No security holes required.

The final huge difference between Eagle Eye Networks and its competitors is, Eagle Eye owns its own data centers. This means that if Amazon raises its prices, Verkada and Open Eye will be as well. Not Eagle Eye. It also means that Eagle Eye’s infrastructure is born for video, no so with the competitors relying on AWS.

Whats Not So Great about Eagle Eye:

Their interface could use polish. They are not as glamorous as Verkada, but that should not distract you from the major disadvantages of Verkada’s platform


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Verkada is the new kids on the block. Based in Silicon Valley they came in with the intention of disrupting the entire video surveillance market. While we don’t think they are the number one player, they have shaken the security industry out of some of its old bad habits.

Whats Great about Verkada:

Like Nest or Ring all you need is their cameras. Simply install the cameras and you are online. For small installations, this makes Verkada very competitive.

Verkada has also done an amazing job on their interface. There is no denying that the Silicon Valley UX designers know what they are doing.

Whats Not Great About Verkada:

Verkada relies on proprietary hardware. Again just like Nest if you cancel your service with Verkada, you now own a bunch of expensive rocks. This also means that if you already have security cameras, you will need to tear down all your existing cameras and replace them with Verkada cameras.

So if you have an existing system and want to move to cloud, you are better served by Eagle Eye Networks.


Coming Soon

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Should You Get Your Video Security System Professionally Installed?

Yes. The short answer is yes. Working with a certified reseller is absolutely the best idea. We can tell you what video security platforms are the best. But only a qualified resellers can assess the many factors required for a successful implementation.

Where Can I Find a Reseller or Installer?

Your best best is actually to talk to one of our top three manufacturers. They can introduce you to resellers they know do awesome work. Usually when a manufacturer’s sales person recommends a reseller its because they know they will do the job right

My Internet is slow, Is that a problem?

Maybe. There are a lot of factors at play here. If your internet is REALLY slow, you might need some sort of hybrid storage.

Hybrid storage means that some of the video is stored in your business’ physical location and some in the cloud. All of our top three providers offer hybrid.

If you communicate via snail mail, well the cloud might not be for you.